You can now use YouTube Music with Android Auto - Android Authority

You can now use YouTube Music with Android Auto  Android AuthorityYouTube Music on Android Auto works as well as you'd expect. However, you might see more menu options than you're comfortable with while driving.

You can now use YouTube Music with Android Auto - Android Authority

Even though has not yet attained feature parity with , noticed that version 3.03 includes an important addition: Android Auto support.

If you???re already playing music through YouTube Music, you???ll see the widget for it on the Android Auto home screen. Otherwise, you???ll need to tap the headphones icon on the bottom right and select YouTube Music from the list.

YouTube Music???s main navigation menu features four options: Your Mixtape, Recommended, Last played, and Library.??Android Police noted that there is a fifth option for Downloads, but it didn???t pop up for me likely because I don???t have anything downloaded in the main YouTube Music app.

There???s also a sub-menu that includes more of what you typically find in the main YouTube Music app. For me, those options include Energy boosters, All-time essentials, Your favorites, and other curated lists.??Android Police found different options in this sub-menu, so the options likely change based on your listening habits.

It???s a bit much to have these options available, however. From the Now Playing screen in YouTube Music, you???ll need to tap the arrow icon on the top left to get to the sub-menu and then tap the hamburger icon to get to the main navigation menu. Luckily, you can tap the red button on the bottom right to take you back to the Now Playing screen.

The Now Playing screen itself is simple, however. The main three controls are the rewind, play/pause, and fast forward buttons. Swiping up from the middle shows additional controls for dislike, like, repeat, and shuffle. You can???t scrub through a song, nor can you rewind or fast forward ??? the two buttons only take you to the beginning of the current or next song.

Overall, we???re glad to see Android Auto support in YouTube Music. You???ll need version 3.03 of the music streaming app for it to work with Android Auto. If you don???t have it yet, be patient ??? the update is now rolling out.