Samsung Galaxy Fold specs: Samsung???s foldable is formidable - Android Authority

Samsung Galaxy Fold specs: Samsung???s foldable is formidable????Android AuthorityThe Samsung Galaxy Fold is a specs monster thanks to its folding design, seamless multitasking powers, and power needs. Here's the full list of Samsung ...

Samsung Galaxy Fold specs: Samsung???s foldable is formidable - Android Authority

Samsung finally gave us a good look at the Galaxy Fold, its . This bendy device is an entirely new form factor that opens and closes like a book. A screen on the outside lets you use the Galaxy Fold like a phone, and a larger screen on the inside lets you use it like a tablet. It costs crazy lots of dollars, but just might have the “wow” factor to back up Samsung’s lofty claims. What’s it packing? Find the full list of Samsung Galaxy Fold specs below:

Samsung Galaxy Fold specs

  Samsung Galaxy Fold
Cover Display 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED
21:9 aspect ratio
Main Display 7.3-inch QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED
4.2:3 aspect ratio
Processor 7nm 64-bit octa-core SoC
Storage 512GB (UFS3.0)
Cameras Cover camera: 10MP selfie camera, ƒ2.2 apertureRear triple cameras:
16MP ultra-wide camera, ƒ2.2 aperture
12MP wide-angle camera, Dual Pixel autofocus, OIS, ƒ1.5/ƒ2.4 apertures
12MP telephoto camera, PDAF, OIS, ƒ2.4, 2X optical zoomFront dual cameras:
10MP selfie camera, ƒ2.2 aperture
8MP RGB depth camera, ƒ1.9 aperture
Battery 4,380mAh
Fast charging compatible on wired and wireless
Wired charging compatible with QC2.0 and AFC
WPC and PMA wireless charging
Software Android 9 Pie
Network 4G LTE
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi 6

The outer display measures 4.6 inches and has Quad HD+ resolution in the 21:9 aspect ratio. That’s fairly tall and narrow. When the Fold unfolds, a 7.3-inch QXGA+ screen is within. It has more of a square shape. More importantly, apps that are running on the outer display will seamlessly transition to the inner display and expand to reveal more content. This is called App Continuity, something that Google added to the Android platform. Samsung is the first device maker to really put it to use.

Samsung says it engineered and tested the hinge, which relies on Samsung’s Infinity Flex display, to open and close hundreds of thousands of times.

A mysterious 7nm, 64-bit, octa-core processor powers the Galaxy Fold. Samsung didn’t say if the chip is from its own Exynos line or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line. The processor is paired with 12GB of memory and 512GB of storage.

This phone has a ridiculous number of cameras: six. One selfie camera on front, three cameras on back (ultra-wide, wide, telephoto), and two cameras facing the user when the Fold is unfolded in tablet mode. The cameras are mostly carried over from the broader .

The Galaxy Fold has to be in the world. It costs a whopping $1,980 for the entry-level 4G LTE version. There’s no word on how much the 5G version will cost. Look for the Galaxy Fold to reach stores on April 26.