Google Suddenly 'Confirms' Shocking New Pixel 4 - Forbes

Google Suddenly 'Confirms' Shocking New Pixel 4  ForbesGoogle has shocked everyone by suddenly confirming the Pixel 4 months early...

Google Suddenly 'Confirms' Shocking New Pixel 4 - Forbes

Google had nothing to lose. With its delivering the experience you can buy, Pixel 3 sales disappointing and the leaks building, out of the blue Google has suddenly confirmed its radical new Pixel 4 months ahead of schedule. 

Google's official Pixel 4 design


Prompted by leaks from my ever-reliable friends Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka @) and Lew Hilsenteger (aka ), Google has taken the unprecedented step of officially confirming the Pixel 4 and releasing the first images of the phone itself.

“Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go!” the @MadeByGoogle account. “Wait 'til you see what it can do. #Pixel4”

The tweet was confident, bordering on cocky, but what Google revealed of the Pixel 4 has not been met with a positive response. More alarmingly, it seems Google has been living under a rock because the company is making a near-identical rear camera to the and .

Moreover, Google’s massive square camera hump appears to fit only two cameras whereas the iPhone 11 (primary, optical zoom and wide-angle, like most rivals) so Google is sacrificing both good looks and functionality with this design.

The official MadeByGoogle account has confirmed the Pixel 4


And it gets worse from here. Google’s images show the rear fingerprint sensor has gone, despite the super-accurate Pixel Imprint scanner being loved by many. In its place, Hilsenteger the Pixel 4 will have a new facial unlock system like Face ID but it will require the phone to have a large top bezel in an era of bezel-less and punch-hole phones.

But perhaps most disappointing is Google’s confirmation (which it backed up speaking to ) means a will now not see the light of day. That is understood to have come from one of three teams Google has competing to design the new flagship but it seems Google has picked the wrong design option - for the fourth year running.

Yes, Pixel smartphones are loved for their and pure-Android experience more than their superficialities (I, myself, own a Pixel 3). But now we are hitting the fourth generation, shouldn’t it be time Google delivered both?


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