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Google knows everything  The HinduHuzan and Denese Bastani's cat has a very appropriate name. Google, as the now seven-month-old pet has been christened, knows it all. He's very well aware ...

Google knows everything - The Hindu

Huzan and Denese Bastani’s cat has a very appropriate name. Google, as the now seven-month-old pet has been christened, knows it all. He’s very well aware of when his care-takers approach him with medicine: so he tries to get away. When there’s food, he stays put. But night-time cuddles are his favourite. “Any time we would tell somebody his name, they would just say that this is his tagline: he knows everything,” laughs 28-year-old Huzan. The Bastani duo beams when talking about Google: he’s extremely loving, smart, and not as moody as others of his species.

But Google’s journey home hasn’t been an easy one. Found by Huzan while feeding strays outside her office at Hughes Road, Google, then a wee kitten, just wouldn’t come forth for food. On closer inspection, his two hind legs were found to be badly wounded and infested with maggots. Through WSD, the kitten was treated but needed a home to recuperate. What started as a 20-day foster has turned into al life-long commitment. “He has basically been a sickling since we got him,” says Huzan. Google, as it turned out, had a host of problems. In addition to wounds, he had an upset stomach with diarrhea along with diaphragmatic hernia which occasionally left him gasping for air to breathe. “But he has been a fighter,” says Denese who wasn’t a cat lover earlier, but is now besotted with her new pet. “He has been fighting all his problems. But these past few days, [progress has] been so slow, we’re very worried for him.”

Along with humans, Google shares his new home with an 11-year-old indie dog, Kyra. “Let’s not talk about that,” Huzan giggles when asked if the two get along. So far, till Google completely recovers, the two have been kept apart. “We were told to not put Google through any stress, so they avoid contact now,” Huzan says adding that everyone is careful to give Kyra lots of love and attention.

The Bastani sisters have always loved animals and will continue to feed and rescue strays. But for now, their priority is getting Google all better so he can put his know-it-all attitude to better use.