Google Fit works with Apple iOS now - Komando

Google Fit works with Apple iOS now  KomandoPreviously, the only way to get to your Fit data on the iPhone was in a special section of the Wear OS. Now, the Google Fit activity tracking app is availabl…

Google Fit works with Apple iOS now - Komando

Being active is essential to our health, but how much and what kind of activity do we need? If you're into getting a healthier and more active lifestyle, then  may be your option to help.

This app has previously only been available for Android users, but no longer. Google recently announced that the Google Fit app, that tracks your fitness goals, is now available on iOS with support included.

So why does it matter to you that this is now available for iOS users? Below we'll get you up to speed on why you may want to consider downloading this app and the benefits it can bring you.

Google Fit integrations

Previously, the only way to get to your Fit data on the iPhone was in a special section of the Wear OS app. Which means if you didn't have a Wear OS device, that section would’ve been empty for you. So if you’ve seen the Fit app on Android, there won't be much of a difference for iOS users.

Now, the app is available for Apple gadgets. And it's free!

The app focuses on Move Minutes and Heart Point and diverse activities based on your movement. Google Fit has the app integrate with , Nike Run Club, Sleep Cycle, and Headspace which can then also sync with Google Fit.

What this means is that your growth in other health apps will contribute towards your Google Fit goals in a harmonious fashion. The iOS app does sync with both the Apple Watch and Wear OS devices, which again is a .

Google’s is created around the concept of closing rings to beat activity goals, based on recommendations from the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. It's broken down to roughly 150 minutes of “moderate” activity a week, and 75 minutes of “vigorous” activity.

The system is based around two metrics: Move Minutes, or the time you were active, and Heart Points, the intensity of the activity.

Why you may not need Google Fit

If you're using Apple Health, it already tracks your movement data, so there may not really be a legitimate reason or need to switch to the Google Fit app on iOS. Either way you decide to go it’s still great to see Google offering the option by bringing it's Fit service to those who maybe use different devices. Google Fit is now available on the App Store.

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