Don’t let your friends spoil the new Game of Thrones episode tonight. Here’s how to avoid them - CNET

You don't have to delete social media to avoid them.

Don’t let your friends spoil the new Game of Thrones episode tonight. Here’s how to avoid them     - CNET

If you're not caught up on  or latest episode of , it's frustrating to have to avoid social media. It seems like every time a huge movie or show comes out, people on social media sites tweet and post about every juicy detail. Spoilers are almost unavoidable.

The easiest solution would be to stay off social media and all news sites, but that's not realistic. Fortunately, there are a few tweaks you can make to your social media accounts to prevent spoilers from invading your screen. Also, avoid your office breakroom at all costs!

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Mute keywords and accounts on Twitter


Mute phrases like Game of Thrones or GoT on Twitter.

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1. In the app, tap your notifications (the bell icon). If using a desktop, click on Settings and privacy.

2. Tap Settings. () users select Muted > Muted words. Android and desktop users select Muted words.

3. Tap Add (iPhone, desktop) or the + icon (Android). If you follow multiple GoT or Avengers accounts, you'll want to mute those. Mute words like Game of Thrones, GoT, Avengers and popular hashtags.

4. Select to mute these words from your timeline, notifications and from anyone.

5. Choose how long you want to mute the words and accounts. You can choose from 24 hours up to Forever. Then tap Save.

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Temporarily snooze friends and groups on Facebook

1. Locate the group or person you want to snooze in your feed. (You know the one.) From desktop or phone, click or tap on the three dots at the top of the post.

2. Select Snooze (name/group) for 30 days. If you don't want to snooze them for the full 30 days, you can always go to their page and undo the snooze.

Download a spoiler prevention app

For desktop, download the Chrome plugin . This extension hides spoilers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and news sites. Just type in keywords, like GoT or Avengers, and let the extension do its job.

For , use apps like Spoiler Block (, ) and Spoilers Blocker (). Add keywords that you want to block and the apps will keep them out of your news feed.

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